We would like to well come all the people to Bhutan, who wants to visit Bhutan through us “Bhutan Merit Travel”. Bhutan Merit Travel is a home bred tour company recognized by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO) and we are the leading operators for adventure travel. Our aim has always been to provide outstanding travel experiences. We believe that adventure travel should be inspiring, and that it should give you a genuine experience of our culture and places. We want our travelers to enjoy the marvelous mixture of culture and tradition of Bhutan.

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We offer wide variety of tours and treks showcasing the best aspects of our county. We have something to suit your abilities, time frame and tastes.  We are bendable to all private tours and group tours. We continually endeavor to introduce new programs to our esteemed guest to experiences moments in life which you can cherish.

Therefore, we are the most viable host in Bhutan to help you explore our unique and incredible country, unspoiled natural environment, virtuous snow dressed mountains and green luxuriant valleys. Here at Bhutan merit travels, you will be taken utmost care of and will be accompanied by professionally trained guides certified by the Tourism Authority of Bhutan to ensure their honesty, integrity, high values, strong principles and good work ethics for the safety and benefit of our clients. To accelerate the travel procedure, we have energetic and self-motivated management team. We have close link with wide range of hotels graded by the Tourism Authority of Bhutan to suit your needs.